I grew up on Long Island, my parents met while attending the Art Student's League.

I moved to Manhattan to attend the School of Visual Arts, I graduated with honors, and one of my oil paintings was acquired by the school as a Presidential Purchase award in 1978.

I studied fine art and promptly got work as a paste-up mechanical artist for ad agencies and in the New York City's garment district, where I am still employed to this day as a graphic designer for a well known pattern company.

Soon after graduating, I started going to the Monster Movie Club at Club 57. I was then urged to join the Club 57 Ladies Auxiliary of The Lower East Side by Lisa Baumgardener, publisher of Bikini Girl magazine. Eventually I participated in art shows like the Keith Haring Xerox Show, performances, and created events at Club 57 including The Lamp Show with Diana Lillig and The Science Fair. I became a member of John Sex's rock-pop-cabaret show John Sex and the Bodacious Ta Tas. I was also a member of Pulsallama created by Ann Magnusson which was an all female performance band that got signed by British label Y Records. Both groups had success in NYC night clubs, made recordings and performed across the USA and toured internationally.

Through connections forged at Club 57 I was tapped to perform with Joey Arias at Limelight and Danceteria, as well as productions by Marc Shaiman and Scott Whittman at the same venues. I was also a fashion model for Katy K Designs.

The first time I saw John Sex in Club 57, I asked if I could take his picture, and as he posed Wendy Wild jumped to pose with him, it certainly would no be the last time I photographed that legendary pair.

This year My photos will be shown as part of the Keith Haring exhibition at Tate Liverpool UK, June through November 2019. tate.org.uk
Also opening in June is the New York Scene /Unseen as part of the Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool UK curated by Suzie Zabrowska.

My photos were shown in a digital format at The Museum of Modern Art, from 2017 to 2018, for 5 months Film, Performance, and Art in the East Village, 1978–1983.
can see the MoMA slide show here, 9 photographers on 9 screens:


I still take many photos, of events or subject matter that would like to use for oil paintings, like sketching with the camera. I'll add new work as it becomes available.

Instagram @april8nyc